3d Rendering, Floor Planning, Visualization

Public Space Design

Icon architects Offices (Toronto, CA)

Open space concept for architectural firm . Redesign to provide spaces for both collaborative and individual work for a small team based on Toronto.

Residential Design

Mid Century Modern

Inspired by the beauty and roughness of the African dessert, this design is aimed to be simple and functional, yet elegant and aesthetically pleasant.

Redesign Concept Commercial Space

UN PO DE PIU (Restaurant redesign concept)

From a 60s Italian garden, to the strength and power of the Italian black stallion. (Industrial/Modern commercial redesign). Located in Montreal UN PO DI PIU is a icon of the Italian culture in the heart of this French-Canadian city, dying for a make over.


Kitchen Design

Farmhouse Inspired Concept

Under is an under water restaurant located in Norway. An amazing construction worth to have a look in depth .