Kitchen Design

Farmhouse Inspired

Icon architects is a well known¬† firm based Toronto Canada. Due to its growth and the recent events considering the pandemic, its working conditions has changed. For these reasons “Icon” is looking to redesign its offices in order to allocate its employees in a modern functional space.

  • Location: Toronto,Ontario,CA
  • Type: Commercial/Public Space
  • Style: Contemporary/ Industrial
  • Material Created: Full Set of Technical Drawings, Renders,Documentation
  • Software Used: Autocad, Sketchup, Podium, Photoshop
  • Area: 1960 square ft

Redesign Goals

  • Redesign the actual space considering special requirements
  • Optimize the space according the industry and its needs
  • Creation of certain spaces in particular (Open space general office, private office, conference room, work cafe)
Mood Board
Color Palette
Aesthetic, Materials, General Look
Top view/Floorplan