Residential Design

(Montreal, Quebec)

Inspired by the beauty and roughness of the African dessert, this design is aimed to be simple and functional, yet elegant and aesthetically pleasant, portraying the use of earthy colors in neutral hues, evoking the earth and its richness. The furniture selection is based on a mixture of hand made and natural materials where wood plays an important role, in a wide variety of shapes and geometrical angles and forms. A transitional style inspired by the slickness and look of ”Mid-century Modern”, is applied to the space without losing the coziness and warmness of the ” Family Home”. This design tried to optimize the current features in an open space concept, looking for more spacious areas with better adjacency amongst them.

Design Characteristics

  • Transitional design (MCM
  • Use of geometric Shapes
  • Use of earthy hues
  • Modern
  • Cozy
  • Mixture of man-made and natural material
Mood Board
Color Palette
Aesthetic, Materials, General Look